About Us

The Bottle Shop by Sugar Run aims to finish what the speakeasy started – making high quality cocktails available to enjoy when and where you want them.

Based in Kitchener Ontario, Sugar Run is an ode to the prohibition era. An underground bar that's hard to find and harder to leave. 

Beverage Director Matt Hewson is a 15 year veteran in the food and drink industry, crafting unique cocktails and experiences for spaces like Chicago’s Aviary and Vancouver’s Oakwood. 

Matt brings a culinary lens to his cocktails, focussing on working with raw ingredients to enhance classic flavours with modern techniques. 

All our cocktails are designed to be enjoyed without further preparation. That means no shaking, stirring, or fuss. Just chill to your preferred temperature, and pour. Most cocktails are served cold – for ideal results, pop your bottle in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before serving. A lowball (if you wish to add ice) or coupe glass will work great. Most importantly, relax and enjoy. 

All cocktails are designed and hand crafted by beverage director Matt Hewson and team of online rum runners.

Cocktails are carefully packaged in 200ml glass bottles. Each bottle makes approximately 3 drinks (or any number really – we won't tell you how to pour).  

Our selection of cocktails is constantly rotating, if you see something you want, don't hesitate! 

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